My V Puff

A customizable, body safe, replacement for traditional tampons. 

10 hour period protection in discreet, easy to carry packaging

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Designed with a soft medical grade foam, V puff mimics the feeling of vaginal tissue and is undetectable to both partners during sex

Your body Your choice

  • Insert with a clean finger or use the V. puff glide applicator
  • Insert a few inches for ordinary activity, or up to the base of your cervix if intending to have sex
  • Use one or two puffs depending on your flow
  • Lightly lubricated with ph balanced, all natural aloe gel for added comfort
  • Discreet biodegradable packaging
  • Reusable, ergonomically designed applicator

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How does it work?

V puff sits at the base of your cervix, blocking and absorbing menstrual fluid.

Will I feel it?

V puff warms to body temperature, conforms to your individual shape and mimics the feel of vaginal tissue. When inserted properly, it won't be felt by you or your partner.

No applicator? How will I get it in?

We offer an applicator option.

However, tampon applicators were invented back in the year 1930, when it was considered sinful for a woman to touch her own body.

These days we know better, and can use a clean finger to push it up into place.

Stringless?! How will I get it out?

Strings wick up water, urine, feces and cause infections, so we designed V puff with an easy pull loop instead.

Wash your hands, and use your finger to reach up and gently tug the loop.

Can it get lost?

No, it cannot get lost.

However, It's possible you may not reach it on the first try if you have a light flow or a well endowed partner( you lucky girl!). In that case, relax and bear down while reaching for the loop.


V puff can be inserted a few inches like an old fashioned tampon or to the cervix if you're intending to have sex, and more than one puff can be used if you're prone to "flooding" or during peri menopause.

Can I use it with an IUD?


But aren't organic tampons the best?

In terms of safety, no, there's been no scientific evidence to suggest that. On the contrary, cotton tampons may scratch the vaginal walls causing infections and an increased risk for an STD.

We'll be adding information as we get closer to launching, but please reach out with any questions or comments!

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Word on the Street

50 female adult industry performers inserted a V. Puff before filming a sex scene:

98% of will purchase V. when available
The 50 male scene partners did not know they were involved in a focus group, and had no clue the performer was having her period


75 active women used V. during fitness competitions, swimming, Crossfit, yoga and long distance running:

93% reported that V. did not leak or shift, and was so comfortable they forgot they were on their period


200 women between the ages of 18-35 attended Coachella and Burning Man while using a V. Puff as their period protection.

Of the 183 responses returned, all “would definitely use again”


Word on the Street

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